Samples of the work on my website -

This site is to show some of my past work as well as what I am doing now, as it becomes available. Also, there will be links to upcoming exhibitions and information about other things I'm up to.

I'm primary a photographer, in that old thing known as 'film' .. it strikes me now that even the medium known as "video" has largely passed into memory, with the advent of digital video storage, so that film seems like some thing entirely alien. Our moving images go from veiwfinder to screen without any interemediate existence on as a physical medium of any sort as we might have recognised it only several years ago.


Perhaps this is why film seems to be coming slightly back into vogue, as now the idea of something stored on some physical medium like a tape or acetate film is totally new to so many viewers and artists.

Images here are sometimes from decades ago, in physical locations, some are more recent and are digital art work. I regard them all as images, rather than genres or styles, although some differ radically from each other in most respects.