The Graduate revisited

Sam, one of the art residents here, has organised some film showings, and the first one was The Graduate, with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. I hadn't seen this for at least two decades, possible three, and so it was all the more enjoyable for that. The Graduate also got me thinking about a number of things - the movie itself, the times it was made in, and other films from the same general period that I have seen over the years. Easy Rider would be an obvious example, but I found myself reminded of Little Murders, set in New York and starring Eliot Gould, Donald Sutherland and directed by Alan Arkin, who also was in the original stage production and took (I think) the same role in the fil


Not exactly news, but a flashback to a recent trip to the US, where I recorded this trip to AA - Artaholics Anonymous - one late night at the Jane Hotel in NYC.

To Akureyri - Star Wars!

Akureyri is about 70km from Olafsfjordur, an easy bus ride. You'd think. Driving sleet at our end and driving snow most of the way made it more interesting, particularly when the return bus was cancelled due to snow and wind. Anyhow, the movie was okay... except now Star Wars appears to be a family saga. We'll see I guess. Daniel Craig's cameo as the stormtrooper who gets 'forced' is good. Akureyri is a nice place, the second biggest in Iceland I'm told. Good variety of eateries and shops. It's a little hard to say much more when everything is blanketed in snow, and there's snow falling and snow being blown in your face. As we walked through a small square, a raven squawked at us a few times

Poetry Museum

"Poetry Museum?" I hear you asking: "what is that?" I have to admit that I am not sure that 'museum' is the right translation. More a cross between a collection, history corner, chronicle and performance space. Thorarinn 'Toti' Hannesson, a long time teacher, decided to start his own institute devoted to Icelandic poetry in Siglufjordur. Now he caters to school visits, artists, and the general public, running performances every afternoon at 4pm in the summer and as need be at other times. Toti treated us to some reading of classical and contemporary Icelandic poetry when we were there. Click on the link to see and hear it for yourself. Thorininn Hannesson reciting Icelandic poetry, 15.12.15

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