A rave about ravens

I've seen ravens in other places, and we have them in Australia [where they are all but identical to the crows], but never had the chance to interact with them as I can in Olafsfjordur. They can be seen often tagging each other in the air or as one sits somewhere, or playing as they glide around. The one pictured above was tumbling upside down, something I've seen them do quite often, seemingly just because they want to. The range of sounds they make is remarkable. They have a normal call, squawking exclamation marks, but also make a range of sounds that seem like they are made by some kind of wooden wind chime. These can come singly or in rattling bursts. No doubt there is some reason for t

Return of the snow! Plow beasts roam the streets!

Downtown Olafsfjordur as the snow falls, with a front-end-loader-with-blade prowling the streets in the distance. As you can see, snow has returned to Olafsfjordur! It's hard to say how much, but yesterday afternoon and overnight perhaps 15cm has fallen - and continues - and lies like a muffling blanket over the whole town. When snow falls in any amount, the snowplows emerge, like some species of megafauna that have been lying in wait for some signal. There are a few varieties of these - the truck-with-blade, the front-end-loader-with-blade, the grader-as-plow [mostly spotted in big towns like Akureyri], and my personal favourite, the tractor-with-spiral-snow-eater. I've yet to capture this

Hampton Court Palace, NYE in Aku and Olo on ice.

Just before New Year I was in London for a few days, and went to a few galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery (Giacometti) and the National Gallery (Goya) and also to Hampton Court Palace, which besides everything else has its own very interesting Gallery, the Cumberland. Hampton Court Palace, River Thames in foreground. Some travel disruption in the form of a cancelled flight from Reykavik to Akureryi and then missing the bus that would have taken me home to Olafsfjordur meant spending NYE in Akureyri. Virtually any public holiday in Iceland means lots of fireworks... and this was the big one. The town centre featured displays by any family that cared to turn up. Then after these h

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