From the North - exhibition

Another exhibition currently showing is 'From the North,' one I curated after my time in Iceland. For this exhibition a general invitation was made to the two dozen artists who took part in Skammdegi the residency in Olafsfjordur. Out of this group, eleven of us contributed work to the exhibition, some of which was done while on residency, and some since. Several of these works were audio or audio-visual, including original musical compositions or improvisations. A number of the AV works were also collaborations, which expressed the nature of a large group residency very beautifully. Special mention should go to Joe's Guesthouse, in Olafsfjordur, where I stayed for the duration of the resid

Coast to Coast - Exhibition

In the last two weeks there have been two shows opening at Watt Space Gallery, Newcastle that I have been fortunate (and busy) enough to be involved in. One is Coast to Coast, curated by Danielle Minett. Daniel and I were two of the lucky folk to take part in an art tour conducted by Newcastle University to Los Angeles and New York in June and July of 2015. AS you can see, there was a good sized list of contributors, including two of the artists that we visiting in their studios - Claudia Parducci and Kiel Johnson. I wold encourage everyone to take a look online of these two artists. That they are radically different in their work and approach is one of the factors that made this tour so ben

The Duck

A reminiscence Sitting around the duck pond at uni was one of my life’s great pleasures for those years. It was free, in nearly every way. It cost nothing, or paerhaps the cost of a carton of chips to eat while you sat. It was without limits or dictation to do something, or even anything. I would sit with my friends, or without, and marvel at the freeness of just sitting there. This, after five years of boarding school, where every hour of every day was laid out in a plan for you. The duck pond did, in fact, have ducks. I recall the big white domestic ones that wandered about the place like lords, bothering who they liked but generally not bothering with much. They were remarkably greedy. O

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