Concept development

I had begun taking some video footage in and around my home in the week leading up to the course to start experimenting with the kinds of images I might be able to produce. I was interested in a kind of circular narrative made up of a variety of kinds of footage - interval, slow motion, etc.

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January 03, 2023

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GIF made from sample footage

Initially my thought was that I would have a video piece that in part would feature myself watching some of the footage in the work while sitting in my lounge chair and watching it projected on a wall, or blinds, or showing on the TV (perhaps both TV and blinds).

I felt that if I showed the work in a gallery I would use the same chair to seat people in to watch the video. The idea of this would be to put them inside the work to some degree.

Work rationale

Sample footage

To make a subjective, autobiographical, non narrative video I decided to make the work repetitive, with no clear time progression and repeated phases of the same material from different points of view and with different textures.

The basic material is the experience of my everyday life. Repeating this with different viewer experiences, and showing it in different phases simultaneously is meant to give it an immersive quality.

The idea is also to break the sense of linear time passing by looping the video so that there are no identifiable beginnings or endings to the video.