Conceptual research

New narrative - personal, non linear, subjective but no arbitrary in meaning, transgressive sexuality.

Video art of Steve MacQueen

Ambivalent in terms of the intent of the characters, highly personal.

Ian W Henson - video

Pipilotto Rist - new- or non-narrative?

Technical research

Editing longer videos with discreet sections

Trying to adjust white balance for video

Learning more about how to run my camera


Beyonce's film clip and Pipilotti Rist side by side - appropriation or IP theft?

"Her work is ultimately the superficial and trashy production of a rich girl who has managed to convince the international art world to take her seriously."

Half of this review seems to be about the reviewer's hatred of selfie-takers. The other half seems to be about his dislike for the the personal nature of her work.

"Rist often speaks about her distress that over the last 40 years or so, at least since the rise of Conceptualism, the gulf between the world of contemporary art and the world in general seems to be widening, with art viewed by too many people as some kind of parochial game played among artists, institutions and collectors."

This profile in part identifies Rist's work as feminine in nature and more accessible than much contemporary art. These were defintely my impressions from seeing her work at the MCA this year.

Previous non-narrative video work

Tunnel music pt I, 2016

Tunnel music pt II, 2016

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