First and second assessments

Other sections:

Leg dance:

First GIF - using a remote shutter release (which I'm holding in my right hand in these shots), I took 18 shots of crossing and recrossing my legs.

Besides needing a bench to sit on I used the fire hydrant in the background to help compose the shot and add some colour to it for contrast. The tags dangling from it and moving in the breeze also helped the GIF.

To stop the music click here

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Seasick 1 and Seasick 2:

These GIFs were made from images shot in continuous shooting mode as I walked along, so there is camera movement as well as movement through the scene.

The second GIF is from the same frames (minus a small number that made it more jerky in reverse colour)

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I moved the camera in a circle, using the same  tripod angle and lens and settings throughout.

The speed made a great deal of difference to the effect: I was looking for a dizzying motion effect.

First video

Using clips used in previous trials, I constructed a semi-narrative video using changes of speed and sound to create a creepy short clip.

Concept development for first video

The clips used in this video were overlaid, then had their position moved around (first segment), or turned upside down and played backwards (second segment), with varying degrees of transparency used in over laying them.


Various transitions and keyframes where used to vary levels throughout the clips. Premiere Pro was used for this.

The sounds used was the ambient sound, as well as the noise of the autofocus mechanism of the lens. These sounds were edited in Adobe Audition to take out the harder noises, then used at varying speeds to create atmospheric sound.

Powerpoint slideshow

The Powerpoint slideshow used to in the second assessment task has been converted to a video through Powerpoint and then Premiere Pro in order to be uploaded here.

The original Powerpoint show was too big to be uploaded to the website, being 40Mb.