To Akureyri - Star Wars!

Akureyri is about 70km from Olafsfjordur, an easy bus ride. You'd think. Driving sleet at our end and driving snow most of the way made it more interesting, particularly when the return bus was cancelled due to snow and wind.

Anyhow, the movie was okay... except now Star Wars appears to be a family saga. We'll see I guess. Daniel Craig's cameo as the stormtrooper who gets 'forced' is good.

Akureyri is a nice place, the second biggest in Iceland I'm told. Good variety of eateries and shops. It's a little hard to say much more when everything is blanketed in snow, and there's snow falling and snow being blown in your face. As we walked through a small square, a raven squawked at us a few times, no doubt foretelling the bus cancellation, and then flew away. Ravens are quite common here, flapping blackly around the place from time to time.

To get back to Olafsfjordur, we called on the services of a local, Ægir, who drove to Akureyri and back to pick us up, for a fee only a little more than a bus ticket. To give you an idea of what he went through to help us out, watch this video of the road just outside Dalvik:

This was at times a bit alarming. We were a bit relieved when we came up on a snowplough clearing the road ahead, although at time the amount of snow in the air meant we could not see the plough or his bright flashing lights at all!

Obviously, we all got back safely, after a startling moment when we emerged from the tunnel above Olafsfjordur and hit a deep drift that completely obliterated the view outside for a couple of seconds. Like one of those scary movies that comes at you with a scare after you think everything is over.

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