Light at play in the frozen north

As the days pass here, each and every one brings a display of subtle light play, not just hour by hour but minute by minute. Just standing outside (or inside, if the weather happens to be "window weather" - great to look at but not so great to be out in) you can see continual changes in the light playing through clouds, passes in the mountains, or reflecting between mountains.

In an attempt to capture some of this, I have used an old time-lapse compact camera, usually out one of two windows, taking the changing light over a two or three hour time span. Although the quality is relatively low, it still catches the nature of the different lights we see here nearly every day.

The first video below was taken on one of the first few days that direct sunlight returned to Olafsfordur, after teasing us with snippets on the top floors of the buildings for a little while.

Some days earlier, with the wind from the east during a warm spell that brought melting snow and subsequent ice, I took this from my own window:

Finally, only a day or two ago I captured the effect of the sunrise looking to the north from the same place:

Olafsjordur 7-2-16 - 1 from Scott probst on Vimeo.

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