From the North - exhibition

Another exhibition currently showing is 'From the North,' one I curated after my time in Iceland.

For this exhibition a general invitation was made to the two dozen artists who took part in Skammdegi the residency in Olafsfjordur. Out of this group, eleven of us contributed work to the exhibition, some of which was done while on residency, and some since. Several of these works were audio or audio-visual, including original musical compositions or improvisations. A number of the AV works were also collaborations, which expressed the nature of a large group residency very beautifully.

Special mention should go to Joe's Guesthouse, in Olafsfjordur, where I stayed for the duration of the residency.

Documentation of the work of Angie Dight, co-founder of Michief Le Bas interactive performance company, Scotland. Angie worked in the community as three different characters and held a museum exhibition/performance as part of the Skammdegi Festival.

Work of Jack Duplock, London, left and Ellis O'Connor, Dundee, Scotland, right, from the Skammdegi residency 2016.

Installation shot of The Blue Man, 2016.

Installation shot of Bird and Mountain, 2016.

Installation shot of Snowwalker, 2016, by Laura Campbell and Adam Sloan, foreground and Red Raven 2, 2016, Scott Probst, background.

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