NUDE at NSW Art Gallery

NUDE is on at the Art Gallery! of NSW! Well really, it's just an exhibition, but still worth seeing. It's a survey of depictions of the nude, drawn from the Tate collection, and featuring largely English and english-language artists from the mid 19th Century onwards.

From neo classical sculpture to Louise Bourgeois and Cindy Sherman, Nude steps through the history of the nude figure - mostly female, it must be said, given the weight of history, but with some exceptions such as Hendricks' 'No Nude Niggers,' which was great to see in person after so many reproductions.

The key figure of the show, Rodin's 'The Kiss,' is a fantastic experience, with its larger than life figures and sheer, glowing presence. The final images of the show, Dijkstra's 'Julie, Den Haag, Netherlands, February 29 1994' and others in the series, are arresting in a totally different way and force you to think about the idea of 'the nude' in a new way.

An exhibition worth dropping in on.

NOTE: there will be a nude viewing session of Nude in January 2017...interesting!

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