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Summer snowstorm

An abandoned farmhouse in the Myrká district, summer 2018, Iceland. Just half an hour's easy drive along a gravel road fro the coast, we were engulfed in a summer snowstorm, magically inside a snowglobe, complete with wide, soft flakes slowly fluttering down around us.

Iceland is littered with abandoned buildings. These are abandoned fish plants and entire fishing villages, old brakki buildings (quonset huts from WWII, some of which are still in use), or old wooden buildings such as this one. Seeing them is to witness the changing of the way the people survived in Iceland, sometimes to the hardship they must have endured along the way. At all times it is a reminder of the way that the landscape looms large in the lives of everyone there.

This is part of my work in landscape photography that has contributed to my MPhil in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle


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