November 25, 2019

Visually interesting but something is missing. Cornelia Parker is obviously one of the most well known British artists working today. Much feted, her solo exhibition

February 22, 2017

Australian Shaun Gladwell, Control The Lockup Warwick Heywood video art installation immersive reality

December 9, 2016

You'll Fest, this years Christmas Show, is the first time I've been to Art Systems Wickham. The show was mostly predominantly 2D, things you'd hang on your wal

November 30, 2016

A review of Brandon Cronenberg's movie Antiviral

November 26, 2016

NUDE is on at the Art Gallery! of NSW! Well really, it's just an exhibition, but still worth seeing. It's a survey of depictions of the nude, drawn from the Tate collection, and featuring largely English and english-language artists from the mid 19th Century onwards.


November 22, 2016

Jake Gyllenhall is Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler is a movie that tells the story of Louis Bloom, a strange, opportunistic, amoral guy who is making a living at the outset by stealing metal objects - manhole covers, fencing wire, etc - and selling it for scra...

November 20, 2016

A contemporary pictorial reference to Lewis Morley photograph of Christine Keeler of the Profumo scandal, 1963 Gina Liano 2016

November 10, 2016

The University of Newcastle has just put up the installation pictures of the recent Art Prize, so you can see all the works that were part of the finalists' show. There were a large number of well-received works in this show, so it's worth a look.

To see these, go to:


June 5, 2016


Another exhibition currently showing is 'From the North,' one I curated after my time in Iceland.  


For this exhibition a general invitation was made to the two dozen artists who took part in Skammdegi the residency in Olafsfjordur.  Out of this group, eleven of us c...